C U Soon on Amazon Prime is first of its kind experimental film in Malayalam cinema, which turns out to be highly captivating and visually stunning

Rating: 4/5

C U Soon has set a benchmark in Malayalam cinema. Challenging its limitations due to the Covid19 pandemic, the makers have created a brilliant craft that is worth giving a shot.


Jimmy, a youngster who works and lives in Dubai, meets and falls in love with a girl named Anu through an online dating app. Little does Jimmy knows about Anu, and soon gets tied in a guardian knot. Kevin, Jimmy’s cousin, sinks his teeth into the mystery and uses his skills and connections to find out the truth behind what has happened. The film thereby unfolds its story that tries to bring one of the most dangerous issues in our society under lights.


C U Soon is a striking, to the point film that does not bluff. It does not play with its premise in the haste of adding emotions or complexities, but deals with each and every scene naturally. It is authentic and straight, reflecting modern time relationships.

It is an experimental making in Malayalam cinema, perhaps in Indian cinema itself. The film was shot completely on iPhone, starring Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathews, and Darshana Rajendran. For the film, the visual oratory and quality were the biggest challenges, which the makers cracked with efficacy. In the times of Covid-19, when shooting films outdoors has been restricted, Mahesh Narayanan took a step that would have gone wrong at any point.
C U Soon is a ride that could have derailed, but the makers triumphantly scored ten on ten with an outstanding filmmaking. From storyline to visuals to performance, everything was par excellence.

c u soon


Story and Script:

Written by Mahesh Narayanan, C U Soon deals with a strong, relevant premise that the society still needs to take a deep look into. The film, which starts with a thread of romance at first, swiftly takes a drift to the rail of thriller. It does not just cut off to the thrilling track suddenly, but gradually takes the route, maintaining the flow. The whole new visual experience bagged by such an engaging script keeps us glued to it. Anything anywhere could have gone wrong in this film, but Mahesh Narayanan’s crispy writing with an unhackneyed style of making got successful in striking the chord.


Directed by the writer himself, Mahesh Narayanan, C U Soon‘s backbone is its flawless direction. The prominent part of this film is that Mahesh Narayanan knows how to experiment with this style of making. He is well aware of where and when the people would feel bland if the film is not crafted properly. He has kept everything unstretched, unexaggerated, and true to itself. That is the crux of this film, its natural, authentic appeal to the storyline.
With C U Soon, Mahesh has yet again proved himself to be one of the promising directors of Malayalam cinema, who is capable of lifting its quality and style.


C U Soon stars Fahadh Faasil, Roshan Mathew, and Darshana Rajendran in the lead roles. Fahadh, as always, delivered a natural, steezy performance that is unapologetically great. Roshan Mathew has also improved his skills. His dialogue delivery and performance have really got refined and meliorated. Darshana Rajendran was amazing and did justice to her character. Superior casting, where everyone is apt for their characters. Let it be the age, characterization, behaviors, the actors have done extremely well.


This is the most eminent part to be discussed. C U Soon has broken the accustomed perspectives and beliefs of cinematography in filmmaking. It has proved that cinematography is not just about beautiful frames or just a medium to display scenes, it is the heart of cinema, and visual communication has a foremost role to play in cinema.

It broke the beliefs of high tech requirements to shoot a film, and with just an iPhone, created a phenomenal piece of art. Instead of using the camera just for the purpose of shoot, it actually used it with its essence. Mahesh Narayanan’s cinematography acted as the storyteller, visual narrator of the film that projects an effect on its viewers. It drizzles emotions throughout the film and carries the audience with it.

Music/Background Score

Music and BGM by Gopi Sundar lift the film’s aura. It acts as a fuel to the film’s different emotions and boosts the effect that it carries.


C U Soon is a film that every filmmaker should include in their studies. It has many things to take note of for film aspiring people. With an excellent premise knitted to an interesting screenplay, the film definitely makes a special place for it in Malayalam cinema. Do not miss this one!


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