Dersu Uzala is a Russian gem. The emotional drama is one of the best films ever with a beautiful story, soulful performances, and a heart-touching story

Language: Russian
Year: 1975

Rating: 5/5

Dersu Uzala is a film without any flaws that can blemish it at any point. It is a beautiful experience, which respects cinema and its artistic traits.


It is based on the 1923 memoir by Russian explorer Arsenyev about his exploration of the Skhotova area of the Ussuri region and his meeting with a native hunter called Dersu Uzala, and the friendship they develop amidst the journey. It also accounts for their second meet in the phase of life and how it changes things for Dersu.


Akira Kurosawa’s Dersu Uzala is a beautiful drama that will remain as a masterpiece in the history of cinema. From the story to the technical side, not even a single plot loop is can be found. The cinematic quality it retains is unparalleled. Every scene conducts emotions so compellingly that it takes you away with it. It holds its audience so persuasively that it takes you to the virtual world of Captain and Dersu.

Maxim Munzik’s acing performance is a treat to watch. His terrific performance as Dersu leaves us in gut-wrenching pain at the end of the film.

Not every time we get to watch such an emotionally driven, dramatically clutching storyline that creates an impact. No wonder Akira Kurosawa is a mastermind and a legendary filmmaker.

Dersu Uzala


Story and Script

Screenplay by Akira Kurosawa and Yuri Nagibin is eloquent. Every moment, every frame perfectly knits the characters’ relationship and keeps its focus on building a fervent bond between Arsenyev (Captain) and Dersu (Hunter).
Akira Kurosawa and Yuri Nagibin have triumphantly penned a touching script that explores companionship, life, memories, nostalgia, etc in great depths.


Akira Kurosawa’s flawless direction uplifts the film spiritually. It goes through a stream of feelings like grief, happiness, hardships, and selflessness. Nevertheless, it didn’t lose its crux by taking extreme care of the protagonists’ relationship. Let it be the visual oratory, locations, music, lighting, performance, Akira Kurosawa brought all the elements together with complete perfection.


Maxim Munzik is the heart and soul of this epic drama. He portrays Dersu Uzala from his heart, leaving no space for faults. He pulls off the role with supreme perfection, both physically and emotionally, that it leaves us astonished. His dialogue delivery, body language, physical appearance, everything proves how good of an actor he is.
Yury Solomin as Captain is magnificent. He fits the attire so perfect that he is capable of deceiving the audience as a true explorer.

The character of Dersu is inspiring, altruistic, and epic. Nobody will forget Uzala after watching this film.


Visuals by Asakazu Nakai, Yuri Gantman, and Fyodor Dobronravov act as a cherry on the cake. They take the audience with them in each scene as a fellow character. So powerfully emotions are conveyed in the film. The camera angles, visual communication of the scenarios and lighting, all blended perfectly with the soul of the film.

Music/Background Music

Music by Isaak Shvarts is befitting. Soul-stirring and wonderful BGMs, which carry the required feelings, hit us like a breeze of soothing wind.


Akira’s masterpiece, Dersu Uzala is a gem of cinema. A master of his craft, he has created a wonderful piece of art with his remarkable filmmaking. Truly endearing and exemplary, Dersu Uzala is a film that will live forever. It has everything that a true, perfect film should have. It respects cinema and its culture, the process, and art in a genuine manner. Above all, Maxim Munzuk’s everlasting performance will be eternal.

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