Dil Bechara on Disney+Hotstar is imperfect yet painful. Though it loses the intensity of the book, ‘Fault In Our Stars’, Sushant’s agonizing act leaves you with wet eyes.

Rating: 3.5/5

Dil Bechara is a sweet tale of love, hope, and sorrow with Sushant as its backbone. The actor left us with a remarkable performance, which will be remembered forever.


Kizie, a cancer patient, who feels her life is meaningless, meets Manny, who is charming, lovable, and self amusing. Manny falls in love as soon as he sees Kizie and forms an adorable romantic relationship with her. The clingy, sweetly irritating Manny makes Kizie smile and her life becomes colourful. Soon the flowers of love wither as life turns its back on them.


Dil Bechara is a heartbreaking watch. Sushant, who left us too soon, makes us weep once again by his final performance. But it is his act that keeps us going with the jumpy, hasty screenplay. Yes! It is not an outstanding film, though we all wished if it were. But it is neither too monotonous. For those who have read the book and who have watched the Hollywood version, this one may end up being a pale watch.

The director seems to be in a hurry to somehow narrate and finish the film. The transition from one scene to another is jerky. It is like the film is divided into different acts, each separated by a fade-out transition. But apart from that, Dil Bechara will definitely take you back to the memories of Sushant and leave you in gut-wrenching pain.

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An official adaptation of John Green’s novel ‘Fault In Our Stars’, Dil Bechara written by Shashank Khaitan and Suprotim Sengupta has been scripted decently, leaving a blunder. The way film is penned is really engaging with Sushant’s performance as a topping, but it seemed as if the makers were in a hurry to wind up the film. It starts well, building a really promising base and as it develops, it just jumps from one thing to another. It loses a constant rhythm which affects the flow and soul of the film. If the screenplay was propelled well, it would have been a perfect adieu to Sushant.


Mukesh Chhabra’s directorial debut is definitely a success. The only fault, though it is a cardinal point, is the steering of script. Mukesh should focus on maintaining continuity without jitters. Apart from that, he did a really good job being a debutant. The visualisation, casting, locations, everything is perfectly helmed.


Sushant Singh Rajput’s posthumous act is speechless. Though the actor has never failed in impressing us, this time he gives us goosebumps. Maybe it is his death that is actually disturbing us while watching him on screen, nevertheless, he performs Manny magically. He perfectly fits the character and we forget we are watching Sushant as he gets into the skin of the character.

Sanjana Singh’s debut is also applaudable. The chemistry both share is lovely and adorable. Sahil Vaid also does justice to his role. Saif Ali Khan’s cameo is a fantastic one. Though a few minutes, he leaves creating a lasting effect. The entire cast deserves praise.


Cinematography by Satyajith Pande is eye candy. He has captured each moment beautifully. The visuals have really contributed in uplifting this romantic tragedy. The costumes, locations, and colour grading, all are just pulchritudinous.


Music by A.R. Rahman will get all of us stuck song syndrome. It keeps repeating in our heads. Such a beautiful composition each song is. The music department has done a terrific job. If visuals act as the body of the film, songs are its soul. Such a melodious album.


Dil Bechara keeps you bonded to it. Though it has some faults and is not as intense as the book, it will still leave us with heavy hearts after watching Sushant’s excruciating performance. He will always live in our memories and so will Dil Bechara.

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