The Netflix version of Dracula starts on a highly engaging note but goes way too long leaving it undesirable

Rating: 3.5/5


If you are a fan of legendary character Dracula, this one may startle you as to how deceiving the myths and sayings about Dracula could be. But it is never a better alteration since what legends have said about Count is the crux of the character. What if in the 21st century Dracula would have been alive?


Beginning as in the book ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’, the Netflix series takes off amazingly. Count Dracula, who is afraid of nothing in the world except the rays of sunlight, which he though afraid, considers beautiful. The series unfolds the life of Count Dracula through centuries and his war against Van Helsing and her descendants. Starting on the original version of the book, it slowly changes the track to the interpreted version bringing Dracula into the 21st century.


The series constructs layers of different centuries on how Dracula feeds on its victims and how picky he is regarding his preys. The bloodthirsty monster, as in the book and stories we have heard of, is not portrayed in its most powerful way and leaves us wanting for more.

Dracula trailer

Created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, Dracula on Netflix is a mini web series with 1 Season released with 3 episodes in it. With a runtime of 1.5 hrs each episode, the series is perfect for a quick binge-watch. But true Dracula lovers may not like to see this interpretation which conceals the monstrous image that Dracula actually is infamous for. Starring Claes Bang and Dolly Wells in the lead, this Netflix series is a decent watch.

It kicks off pretty fantastic. The first episode builds so marvelous one would not take eyes off it. The charming, handsome, and ever-classy Count Dracula, who is an evil, fiendish creature on the other side stirs everyone with his magnificent personality and dazzling eyes. He has a voice that sounds like a civilized beast, and as he groans it sends shivers down our spines. But wait a minute! Is all this new to a Drac fan? Of course not. It’s all very expected and very traits of Count Dracula.

It has some terrifying moments of anxiety and fear which keeps you to the edge of your seats. The first episode is alluring and bamboozles us that the series is going on the right path as it seems intriguing and thrilling. But by mid half of the second episode, the interpretation starts to seem insipid.

The Dracula we believe in is stronger than normal, and extra masculine. The second episode also starts from the right station, which loses its track midway. It starts to become dry and we are the ones who end up thirsty, after a droughty watch. From thereafter the story and writing both start losing their grip. It goes somewhere from somewhere, without any reason, only to lug him into the 21st century. And thereafter, things get completely mishmashed with terrible writing and a senseless plot.

Who would dare to speak for an evil 500 years old? Why would a partygoer teenager love a monster? Why does Zoe drink his blood (though some oblique reasons are there)? Even the hallucination and mind playing in the second episode didn’t have proper visual grammar. Alas, it is worth watching till the second episode halfway. The rest is up to you.


It is a downslide in terms of narration. It starts really well, maintaining a quality and excellent narration till the first half of the second episode, but screws up completely by the end. A dissatisfying climax, which may seem appealing to the ones unknown to Dracula, but people who do know about the iconic Bram Stoker’s Dracula, won’t let the rays of this affect the original evil. Alas, it is still a one time watchable as we get to take a look at a much less harmful Dracula. It starts mind-blowingly, but don’t expect that to be there till it ends.


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