Khuda Haafiz trailer is an action-packed, emotional thriller bound to a cliched content

The trailer of Khuda Haafiz, directed by Faruk Kabir seems promising on its action and entertainment part, but the story is time-worn.

Khuda Haafiz

The story seems pretty clear from the trailer itself. Living a middle-class life, the couple face recession and financial issues, to which as a solution, Nargis, Sameer’s wife, goes to foreign in hope of better job opportunity. But for the misfortune of her, Nargis is abducted by some strangers who are involved in flesh trade. Unknown where Nargis is, Sameer starts looking for her until he meets the highly influential masterminds behind the vile business.

The trailer looks rip-roaring and Vidyut is dynamic. This time he is in a common man’s attire, who doesn’t flaunt his muscles and looks. The character is molded to be an ordinary man, whose adrenaline boosts when he comes to know his wife is in danger. Shivaleeka Oberoi as Nargis also seems convincing.
Even though the story isn’t an innovative one , the making and stunts look compelling.

Written and Directed by Faruk Kabir, the film has locked the date of 14th August 2020 to release the film on Disney+Hotstar.


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