MOOTHON is a brilliant craft, flawless and brave enough to take up such a sensitive plot which is challenging from every area


Moothon is a dark, serious film on a veracious subject that Malayalam has not dared yet to take upon. After a long gap, Nivin Pauly is back with an outstanding, best of his career performance, which has raised his career graph.


It is the story of Mulla, who from his home Island, sets out to Mumbai in search of his brother Akbar, who left the island years before. After a horrible journey through the sea, he reaches Mumbai, and there, in the red streets and one of the jhuggi areas, he finds Akbar, but not the way he expected. What happens afterward and why Akbar fled off the Island forms the plot.


Moothon is a tribute to Malayalam cinema. It has set a new start to a very unique kind of storytelling that is raw, unvarnished, and unafraid. It has set a new standard and is an epitome of quality cinema. For the commercial audience, who just love defined entertainment like comedy, action, happy ending, etc, this one will not brim their needs. Moothon should be watched in a critical, cinematic aspect. It is real life, which is not fancy and happy go lucky like in usual entertainers. It is a momentous, in-depth reflection of people in real life, and places beyond our knowledge.





Geetu Mohandas and Anurag Kashyap together penned the script. From the very beginning, the screenplay is clear and engaging. People who are used to Anurag Kashyap’s films, Moothon won’t be a surprising execution since Kashyap mostly pens such dark scripts. The raw nature of his films is what makes him one of the exceptional directors of Bollywood. Hence, the Kashyap style has had a great influence on this Mollywood classic.

Geetu Mohandas is also one of the directors who appreciates and focuses on art and its culture. Her previous films are also different from usual commercial films and have received international acclaims. One of the best filmmakers in the business, Geetu and Anurag have pitched a verite, true to life screenplay that sinks into our hearts deep.


Directed by Geetu Mohandas herself, she has marshaled each and every element in a sophisticated way. Though at times the film feels a bit clumsy and plummets at certain portions, it doesn’t let it down. It ascends and maintains the quality, which makes it a strong, intense watch. Geetu Mohandas has yet again proved that she is not in the industry to entertain, but to provide quality craft that keeps the story and creative part as its crux.


The emotional drama has witnessed Nivin Pauly’s strong comeback. The actor who was facing huge criticism and disapproval for his acting reclaimed all the fame and admiration from both the audience and critics.

His powerful act was like a cherry on top of the cake. When you get such a perfect film, with an actor’s powerful comeback, it feels mesmerizing. Not just Nivin Pauly, but Shashank Arora and Sanjana Dipu were also mind-blowing. Not any bit of a moment did they slip with their performance and were striking each second. Roshan Mathew and Sobhita Dhulipala were living their characters.
Performance-wise, Moothon is one of the best recent films to have such a talented and impressive cast.


Visually, the film is a masterpiece. It carried a murky, disturbing mood throughout the film. Cinematographer Rajeev Ravi, who is a master of his craft, did a spellbinding job. The jhuggy areas of Mumbai, which ordinary people mostly do not know about in depth, was portrayed in its most intense and gross manner. It is a cinematographer’s expertise and talent which successfully captures the director’s vision. Moothon does an effective job regarding visuals, though the dark scenes may seem at times too dark and disturbing.


Music by Sagar Desai is good enough to suit the genre. At certain places, it’s fitting and rest it just does a fine job.


Moothon is a strong, emotional, and intense drama with some terrific performances. It has been filmed purely raw without any extra decors to entertain people. Breaking the walls of contemporary Malayalam cinema, it is a hard nut to crack. One needs a broad perspective to reach the concept and go through such a narrative. A beautiful cinematic experience.


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