The trailer of ‘No Time To Die’ gives us a glimpse of the spectacular action, weapon upgraded Aston Martin DB5, plot mystery and the ever charming Daniel Craig as Bond, James Bond!

James Bond is a fictional character nobody could resist. The vintage spy thriller franchise which started in 1962, has been able to keep its charisma even today and has a huge fan following. After a hiatus of 5 years, James Bond was ready to fire again in No Time To Die, but the prevailing pandemic situation put the release of film in uncertainty.

James Bond movie No TIME TO DIE

Bond, who left active service and lives a peaceful life, is approached by one of his CIA friends named Felix Leiter, who asks him for a help in finding an abducted scientist named Valdo Obruchev. As he steps into the mission, Bond discovers that he is standing up against a dicey, menacing villain who is armed with dangerous advanced technology.

Adding to the franchise, ‘No Time To Die‘ trailer has got the epic James Bond fans go gaga over it. Trailer seems promising and has lots of chase, guns and fire, an air of mystery and the ever classic Bond who is playing a death game to complete a mission against a dicey, menacing villain.

No Time To Die is the 25th installment in James Bond franchise. The film was first slated to release in November 2019 and then postponed to February 2020 and later to April 2020 due to Danny Boyle’s departure. The release again got pushed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The makers are yet to come up with a new date.

Watch the trailer:


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