Raat Akeli Hai on Netflix is a tarry watch that tries to be an edge of the seat thriller. However, the plot fails to create such a strong grip though it serves an unpredictable climax

Rating: 3/5

Nawazuddin Siddique and Radhika Apte are fantastic in the sleepy thriller that wakes you up in the climax. Inspector Jatil Yadav is a determined cop who once gets involved, digs out the truth even from the extremes.


Inspector Jatil Yadav, who is determined and honest to his job, is assigned to investigate a murder case that is complex and confusticated. Everyone in the family speaks in a murky way, putting them under suspicion. Jatil, who has an instinct to understand between right and wrong, fathoms something is baffled about this case and it is not an easy knot to untie.


A whodunit with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte in the lead, sounds good right? But this time it doesn’t work the way you saw the duo before. It lacks substance, and all it does is drag you through the 149 minutes crime thriller. It starts sharp and planned, leaving you perplexed about what just happened and who did it. But the screenplay should have been revised again, as it pulls down a great story.

The film builds the crime scene and introduces characters properly, but the investigation part is dull and yawny. You sit through the 2hrs 29min crime thriller which is pulled like a loop of rubber unnecessarily. It has some Nawazuddin Siddiqui moments that keep you alive, but rest doesn’t interest much. After a long tiring journey, it reaches an erratic, unpredictable climax that somehow manages to lift the slothful writing. For its climax, it is definitely worth watching, as it leaves you awestruck.



Story and Script

A story that had a sporting chance, vitiated by an unnecessarily stretched screenplay. It is like a sleeping pill and fails in arousing the audience’s interest. Written by Smita Singh, the screenplay is the only factor that puts a lid on to the greater success the film could have achieved. The positive part of the script is that even though it is tedious, it is because the writer genuinely tries to make it a perplexed, mystifying thriller that plays with the viewers’ minds. But it didn’t hit the right spot and backfired.

Though the development stage is not appealing, the climax definitely is. It is totally unforeseen and unexpected. Kudos for that. The writer doesn’t give even a small inkling and totally diverts it onto someone unexpected. The climax is what saved it from collapsing entirely.


Direction by Honey Trehan has been a pillar for the film. The film has a weak narrative pace, which Honey Trehan managed to keep moving somehow. He explored the actors’ potentials maximum and drove them to deliver a stunning act. But he needs to understand and learn how to pull off such a plot in a much effective manner, when the writing doesn’t add up to the betterment of the film.


The stupendous cast of Raat Akeli Hai did a fantastic work. Nawazuddin Siddiqui aced as a cop and the way he portrayed his massy side is on point. His dialogue delivery, the speed, tone, and entire character presentation is simple yet extremely stylish.
Radhika Apte is also stellar as usual. Her natural, phenomenal act yet again proves why she is a critically acclaimed actress. Performance by Shweta Tripathi, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Shivani Raghuvanshi, and Nitesh Kumar is also adept.


Perfectly mood blending visuals by Pankaj Kumar. Rather than cinematic or impressive frames, he has focussed on visuals that fit the moments and adds to the frame of mind of each scene. It effectively speaks to the audience, connecting to them and keeping them hooked to the scene. Cinematography has been taken care of well by Pankaj Kumar.
The locations and colour grading also blend well to the visual oratory, allowing the film to be visually perfect.


Though the music has nothing much to contribute, the BGMs add to the intensity of the scenes. A crime thriller doesn’t always need a BGM to create cinematic tension, but if there, it is a plus point. But it shouldn’t be used immensely or without reason and Sneha Khanwalker has handled the work in a decent way.


Raat Akeli Hai is not an intriguing thriller. In spite of that, it does come under the list of best climaxes ever, which is the only reason this flick is worth watching till the end. The story had enough scope to shine, but the flawed screenplay trammeled it. Watch it for the cast and astounding climax.


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