Sadak 2 is a foolish, extremely hopeless ride that gives you a nonsensical vibe from the very beginning itself

Rating: 1.5/5

Sadak 2 is the most silliest film of the year, with a confusing plot, immature making, and some lousy twists that test your patience, and take you through some worst performances.


Aarya is in a run and fight against manly gods, who behind the curtains of fabricated devotion and deceived trust of people, are running a business called God business. Ravi Kishore’s lonely life takes him, Aarya, and Vishal on the same road where they get tied together in a cat and mouse chase, where Ravi and Vishal are in a haste for saving Aarya from the ruthless hands of God business.


Mahesh Bhatt’s Sadak 2 is an absurd attempt. It is high time Mahesh Bhatt realises that it is 2020, and people have had enough of the same old story that is humdrum from every angle. Now, it is not the first time that a film on a cliche plot is being made, but nothing in this flick is worth talking about. Even the lead cast’s performance ends up on an average note, with the rest failing miserably at their act. Just one song that is worth hearing again, and fine cinematography with decent costumes. That is it, the entire Sadak 2 meets a dead end.

Dissecting Sadak 2 will be a frustrating job since it has only a bunch of negative, negative, and negative!

Sadak 2



Mahesh Bhatt and Sumitra Sengupta have penned a terrible script. Sadak 2, like its title, is a long road that goes nowhere and is aimless and tiring. The very beginning itself gives you a sense of uneasiness and hideous feeling and as it progresses, the film goes completely nuts and off track. I wonder what were the writers thinking while writing the script. Just like in the film, where Alia Bhatt says to Aditya Roy Kapoor, “you sulk,”, the film vexes the audience. Sadak 2 is a complete mess with loathsome writing.


Mahesh Bhatt, along with the script, also helmed the film. Yes, the characters who try to project a confined, conservative lifestyle outside, are shown wearing modern outfits, especially Aarya’s aunt, who wears a low neck and condemns her stepdaughter for hugging her boyfriend in public. What was the director visualizing? The film also contains unnecessary, irritating plot twists that give you a headache. Poor direction with many loopholes and question marks.


The makers have successfully failed in bringing the best out of the actors! But yes, how can a film that is so duff and miserable open the doors for actors, to give a memorable and striking performance. Story and script is always the backbone of a film. Without strong writing, and strong characterization, the actors would never be able to do their best. But still, Alia, Sanjay Dutt, and Aditya Roy Kapoor’s trio did a decent job.

Makarand Deshpande’s lousy and tedious act, accompanied by Jisshu Sengupta’s shoddy performance, paved way to nothing rather than the title of ‘a weak cast’. But let me say, it is not the actors, but the poor writing and characterization, along with the awful direction, that subdued them from giving their best.


Jay I.Patel is the only person who did the maximum he could to this boring ride. His cinematography was fine and merely captivating. The visuals, except for the after climax scene at Kailash, were pretty good. The locations were also apt for the film’s premise.


A big team of Jeet Gannguli, Ankit Tiwari, Samidh Mukherjee, Urvi, and Suniljeet, together could not even make one single memorable track or background music for this flick. Below average music, soulless and forgettable.


I don’t know what curse has affected Sadak 2, that even after having a talented cast, a director who has given a number of blockbusters, and a talented music team, it ended up to be such a massive disaster. Walking on this Sadak is pretty hectic and a waste of time. A complete failure.


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