Sufiyum Sujatayum on Amazon Prime is a beautiful love story which lost its crux by dint of flawed screenplay and mediocre direction, leaving Aditi Rao Hydari the only beautiful part that keeps you knitted to the 162 min romantic drama. 


Rating: 3/5


Sufiyum Sujatayum is a romantic tale between the titular characters Sufi and Sujata, who are forced to end their melodious romance as religion stands as an antagonist.


Sujata, a beautiful girl who cannot speak falls in love with a Sufi in her village. Since they belong to different religion, their love story does not take a happily ever after road and ends soon. 10 years later the Sufi returns to the land where their love embarked for the first time and what happens next forms the plot.


Sufiyum Sujatayum is an old wine a new bottle. It is the same old love story, the same old obstacles with some parental melodrama. Despite all these, it could have made itself into the list of best romantic films if it had not slipped on its own execution.

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Story and Script

It has its moments which we can cherish but except for that, the entire film falls flat with nothing to crave for. The major drawback it faces is in its script penned by Naranipuzha Shanevas . It kicks off great building a promising premise, but as it develops, the writing gets tedious and baffled at times. The essence of the story gets lost somewhere between the writing. It tries to unfold the romantic tale like a euphonious, sweet sufi poem, but a lazy and lost screenplay fails in flourishing the romance effectively and soulfully. The poetic style of narration, which the makers were trying to use, backfired and resulted in a shoddy execution.


Naranipuzha Shanevas’s passable direction could have made this watchable flick worse but the casting and background score saved it from being a colossal disaster. Editing by Deepu Joseph also faced a downfall due to some poor transitions and jump cuts leading to discontinuity at times.


Talking about the performance, the cast of Sufiyum Sujatayum is the only saving grace. Aditi Rao Hydari is the backbone of this film delivering a magical performance. Nobody could have aced the role of Sujata like her. Such a brilliant actor. The new comer Dev Mohan, who plays the lead role, did a decent job considering his first screen outing but needs to brush up his skills a lot. Jayasurya was convincing as Dr.Rajeev and Siddique as Sujata’s father also gave a performance worth watching.


Cinematography by Anu Moothedath was pretty good. The frames by Anu were good enough to add as a topping to such a storyline, but the location and sets were too unappealing. Such a film, which carries a romantic air from the very beginning to its end needs an environment which can contribute to the visual beauty. But Sufiyum Sujatayum proved to be a disappointment visually too.

Music and Background score

Music composed by M. Jayachandran doesn’t help in lifting the mood of the film. Ending up on an average note, it fails to hit the right note and is easily forgettable. Albeit the songs didn’t meet the expectations, background music was rousing and soothing.


Summing up, Sufiyum Sujatayum is nothing to write home about. It carries a sweet story of love, which loses its essence by dint of poor writing and execution. Despite all the flaws, it still manages to reach a one time watchable scale for Aditi Rao Hydari’s act and soothing background score. But the makers definitely need to work on this half baked cake.


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