Christopher Nolan’s TENET trailer is an unpredictable deal

Tenet trailer marks another unparalleled thriller by Christopher Nolan. Keeping everything under the hat, the trailer has created waves among people. Nothing like anything, it seems that Nolan is all ready to blow our minds once again with an anomalous plot.

Tenet poster

Tenet trailer introduces us to a world of international espionage and our unnamed protagonist, who is on a mission to save the world from World War 3. More than time travelling, Tenet seems to centre around the idea of time reversing. There are many shots which show backpedaling of objects, but at the same time, things are also in a forward timeline. The combination of both forward and backward timeline is something out of ordinary.

To dig out the plot from Tenet trailer is strenuous. Keeping it like a box of puzzle, Christopher Nolan has successfully poked our inner ability to conclude on a guess of what the plot may be. After a longtime preparation, taking 5 years to pitch the script, Nolan seems to be ready to hit the ball out of the park.
Unlike other sci-fi films, Tenet seems to be one of its kind, going deep into the concept of time. More than time travelling, Tenet trailer spills the idea of clockwise and anti-clockwise time reel.

Starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki and many others, Tenet was to release in the month of August 2020, but due to COVID 19, the release is likely to be pushed. The makers are yet to come up with a new release date.

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Tenet Trailer


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