Despite having great cast, arresting visuals and a promising premise, Trance loses the heat in its second half.

Rating 3.5/5

Trance deals with greatest evil of today’s generation which is religion, and how people are manipulated by men claiming to be the messengers of God.


The film revolves around the life of Viju Prasad, who finds it difficult to deal with life’s day to day situations and how his life changes topsy turvy when he, after a series of events, becomes a famous pastor.


Trance is fresh as it deals with something common in an uncommon and steezy way. Anwar Rasheed has come up with a story on the most widespread and dangerous drug called religion. How human gods, religions, fake pastors and superstitions have affected people, is what the director has tried to show in a modish and stylish way. Even though it has a promising cast and strong plot, Anwar Rasheed couldn’t pull it off in a rewarding way. It had enough scope to shine with a terrific first half, but post interval, the film lost its track somewhere.

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Story and Script

An ambitious first half which portrays the blind world injected by toxic religious drug. Kicking off with Viju Prasad’s life as a normal struggling to live guy, Trance brings its focus slowly towards the religious business carries out by big corporate companies by training selected people as Pastors to manipulate people’s minds in the name of God and religion and mint money from them. Till intermission, Trance keeps us hooked to its fast paced, tightly scripted first half, even though few scenes may seem a bit exaggerated. But second half leaves Trance in ruins. Poor writing, slow pace and shoddy characterisation makes this film disappointment towards the end.



Amal Neerad, who helmed this project after a long break as director, couldn’t fulfill our expectations. His visualisation is great. How he pulled the story throughout also portrays why he is one of the most loved directors. But somewhere the characterisation and script slipped off his hands. With an average second half, Trance just settles to be a forgettable piece of work.



The entire cast was fantastic especially the protagonist, Fahadh Faasil.  He just steals the limelight with his amazing, manic act. Leaving no space for others, he just overshadowed everyone.
Nazriya’s comeback has nothing to talk about. She did justice to her role, even though it doesn’t live up to the hype.
Vinayakan is a surprise package in the film towards the end. GVM, Chemban Vinod, Sreenath Bhasi, everyone did their part in a convincing and neat way.



Visuals by Amal Neerad were eye catchy and spectacular. Each frame was perfect keeping our eyes glued to it. The Amal-Anwar combo is one of the main highlights of the film. Cinematography was undoubtedly the best part of the film. Locations and sets were also perfect.


Music and Background Score

Music by Jackson Vijayan also ended up on a good note. Perfectly syncing to the mood and tone of the film, music was appealing. Background score by Sushin Shyam and Jackson Vijayan also were a plus point. The intoxicating, dizzy kind of BGM served well.



Concluding, Trance had enough scope to strike a chord, but lack of substance and poor writing made it lamentable. Like a half backed cake, it slipped in its second half. Post interval writing seemed hollow and as if the makers were confused about what next. Since such films are not everyone’s cup of tea, poor penning of script will lead to disappointment to the only left audience who love such stuff.

Watch it for its visuals and stunning performance by Fahadh.


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